Something Good- Day 344

I left work early today because I had some indigestion that was not going away. Wednesdays are usually slower, so I figured they would be alright without me. It was a good thing I was home because my sister had some serious neck pain, and I was able to take her to the chiropractor and help her with homework. I was also able to finally fix the toilet for our renters, which I have needed to do for about a year.

Something Good- Day 185-188

It has been a while since I posted. Friday we fixed up my lawn. We pulled weeds and mowed and switched out a sprinkler. Then we went to a friend’s house for cake and fireworks.

We left early Saturday morning to go to my brother’s house. We got there in time for lunch and were able to spend time with the kids. We went to bed late after a busy day with the family.

Sunday we had a video call with my sister’s family and then did a mini church meeting. We headed home after dinner and then went straight to bed.

Work was exhausting today, but we went to the grocery store afterwards. My sister committed to making healthier meal choices, so we stocked up on fruits and vegetables. Then we had sandwiches and wraps fpr dinner.

Overall, it has been a busy but good week.

Something Good- Day 176-177

I neglected to post last night because I was playing a video game where I had to get so many points within 36 hours to get a new character. I gave up video games a few years ago because I get addicted easily and waste most of my time on them. I downloaded this game to my old phone because I wanted to give it to my nephew to play next time I see him. Anyway, I did unlock the new character today. I also stopped playing long enough to take my sister for a driving lesson, reprogram a garage door opener, and pull some weeds. I love video games, but I know how important it is to have balance in life. I am glad that has gotten somewhat easier over the years, but I know I should still try to avoid video games most of the time.

Something Good- Day 152

We have had renters for the past two months. This was a huge blessing financially during the quarantine because we would not have been able to continue our Airbnb during that time. We were also grateful to have people to spend time with and for the extra help with our yard. Our renters officially moved out today, but we were able to have church with them one last time and play some games together.

Something Good- Day 65

We had a home inspection done today to make sure that our basement is acceptable for renting. I am happy to say that we were approved in the first walkthrough. I have to put a couple screws in the wall to secure the fire extinguisher and CO detector, but I was grateful it went well. I am still debating on continuing the Airbnb until August or finding someone to rent more permanently starting in April, so we can start foster care sooner. I wonder sometimes though if I am ready for foster care. As much as I love children, I am not sure I can handle having children around all the time.