Something Good- Day 280

I woke up early and went to donate plasma this morning. They just started a new program that pays more per week, so it was busier than normal. Unfortunately, I did not take this into account and ended up being late for work. Today was not overly busy, though, so my coworkers did not mind. I am especially grateful for the extra money from donating this month because we have some extra expenses and necessary purchases to make. I will receive an extra $200 this month if I am able to donate each visit, which will definitely help me catch up on bills.

Something Good- Day 275

Today was a good day at work. We had the manager from another branch come to help us since both our managers are quarantined. After work, we had dinner and my dad helped us rearrange furniture to prepare for our coming renters. It was extremely helpful to have another set of hands because it would be very hard for my sister and I to do it alone.

Something Good- Day 274

I am unsure what tomorrow will bring. My manager is being tested for Covid, and with cases consistently rising in this area, it is uncertain if work will continue like normal.

On a happier note, my dad came to visit today. This is the first time he has seen my house since I bought it just over two years ago. We always bond over games, and he enjoyed perusing my game collection. We also played a game he had given me for my birthday that I had not yet been able to play.

Something Good- Day 269-271

Friday we went to a straw maze with some friends. It was somewhat frustrating, and my eyes started stinging, so we left without finishing it. On the way out though, there was a frozen yogurt worker that let you spin for a prize. We all got prizes and went to cash them in for our yogurts.

Yesterday we went to Mesa Falls. Afterwards, we went to Five11 Main for dinner. The food was really good and we enjoyed ourselves.

Today we unplugged our upstairs fridge to defrost it. We are going to try to get it out before the end of the week to put the old one back in. My sister thought the slabs of ice we broke off the inside of the freezer were fun to play with. We also played some games and watched a movie tonight.

Something Good- Day 231-234

I got pizza for dinner on Tuesday. It has been hot lately, so no one has wanted to cook. But I got a good deal on pizza, and we even had leftovers.

I gave a tour of my basement to a young couple on Wednesday. They are getting married in a few months and decided to sign a lease agreement with me! I do not mind doing Airbnb since we make pretty good money from it, but I definitely prefer the consistency of renters.

I went over to my friend’s house yesterday for a visit. We talked and played with her little boy. I always enjoy our visits.

Today we had a movie night and watched the new Dora movie. It was a fun movie and good to relax with the family after an exhausting week at work.

Also, PSA the coin shortage is real. If you have any excess coin, please consider taking it to your bank. We ran out of coin at my branch this week and have had to turn away all our business customers. We are giving the coin away as fast as we get it, and we are not getting our weekly shipments to restock our supply. Thank you in advance from banks everywhere!

Something Good- Day 216-218

Monday we had milkshakes for dessert, and I watched a show with my sister and brother-in-law.

Yesterday I started training at my work to open new accounts. I am excited to be learning this so I can help when my manager is unavailable. It is also nice to get off work early because I do not have to do closing procedures.

Today I am getting new internet installed, so I am hoping that will be my good thing for the day.

Something Good- Day 202 & 203

Yesterday was a rough day. My sister called me at work to let me know that my niece had accidentally flooded my house. I left work a few minutes early to take care of things. We had a couple companies come take a look at the damage. I worried that my insurance would not cover it, and it was an emotional situation. Eventually we found out that my insurance does cover the damage, minus the deductible. The amazing thing about everything though was that I kept pretty calm through it all. I kept having movie quotes run through my head from “Incredibles,” where Mr. Incredible is being yelled at for approving insurance coverage.

Today was a much better day. Work was pretty typical. We went to get frozen yogurt after dinner. Then we played Sardines until it was time to go to bed.

Something Good- Day 199-200

Friday was a fairly calm day at work, which was unusual for a Friday. I was glad to get out on time though and headed home for a barbecue. After that we played Sardines and then went star gazing. It was a fun day overall.

Yesterday we cleaned and organized the house. We set up a bunk bed in the spare bedroom and did a lot of laundry. We were grateful that our Airbnb renters came late at night, so we had enough time to get a couple extra loads finished.