Something Good- Day 258-261

I called out of work on Monday because my stomach was acting up. I spent most of the morning sitting on the couch because I was worried that lying down would make things worse. When I felt a bit better, we went grocery shopping and then decided to take a trip to see the llama farm. The kids and my sisters loved it.

Tuesday was a busy day at work, catching up with everything I missed Monday. We went to Costa Vida for dinner and then watched a movie before heading to bed.

Yesterday was a slower day at work, which was good because our cat started having issues and I was able to come home early to take her to the vet. He said she was impacted and cleared her out. We gave her a bath when we got home. She seemed to do much better after that.

Today was another good day at work. We were able to get everything done without too many issues. After work, we went out to eat because I had a coupon at one of our favorite places. They messed up our order and gave us dole whip for free to apologize. I enjoyed it, but my sister brought hers home to the kids because she was full already.