Thank you, Mom

To kick off my 30 days of gratitude, it seems only appropriate to thank the people who have been there for me my whole life.

So here’s the first of that series:

Dear Mom,

Thank you for working as a teacher. By your example, you taught me the value of hard work and the importance of education. You taught me that learning was fun and interesting and exciting. I know that you chose to be a teacher because you enjoyed it, but also because it allowed you to be present in our lives. We never worried about not having mom around because you were always there for everything that was important to us. Thank you for teaching me how important it is to have mom around.

Thank you for not allowing me to make excuses. Thank you for holding me accountable for my actions and decisions. You weren’t overbearing or authoritarian, but you allowed me to face certain consequences when I did not make wise decisions.

Thank you for teaching me how to be independant. I have learned how to do many things that people my age struggle to learn. I know how to do laundry, wash dishes, pump gas into my car, garden, make appointments, leave tips, clean, cook, and shop on a budget. I know how to watch and analyze gas prices, grocery prices, and sale prices. I know how to take care of my car and save money for unexpected expenses. I know how to avoid debt and use what I have.

Thank you for teaching me to love. Through your example, I learned how to give to those in need, serve those with disabilities or who are in distress, and love people for what’s on the inside. Because of how you love me, I have learned how to love my future kids and show them my love. Because of how you love your mom, I have been reminded that love doesn’t have to end or diminish over the years or when you are apart. Because of how you love my dad, I have learned that love is patient, kind, selfless, and forgiving.

Thank you for teaching me to trust. Thank you for being trustworthy. Thank you for being approachable. Thank you for being a kind and wise teacher.

Thank you for all you have done that has made me who I am.



Today was Giving Tuesday. So apparently we’re supposed to spend all our money on Friday and Monday and then give away anything that’s left on Tuesday… just kidding 😛 But in reality, it’s actually pretty cool that we even have Giving Tuesday. I love the giving part of the holidays. In my opinion it’s the best part.

I guess I probably get this from my mom, but I love giving presents. I love finding things that people would like and getting it for them. It’s like a surprise that’s completely expected, but it still surprises the person anyway. But the best part of giving is seeing how happy you can make someone.

I hope that this Christmas season we find ways to give to others. Even if you don’t have any money, the best gifts are the ones that are felt, not wrapped. We can surprise someone with an act of service or the simple gift of time. My mom has always said that the hardest things for people to give are time, money, and love.

So this Christmas, I plan to give presents, but more than that I plan to give of myself.