Something Good- Day 280

I woke up early and went to donate plasma this morning. They just started a new program that pays more per week, so it was busier than normal. Unfortunately, I did not take this into account and ended up being late for work. Today was not overly busy, though, so my coworkers did not mind. I am especially grateful for the extra money from donating this month because we have some extra expenses and necessary purchases to make. I will receive an extra $200 this month if I am able to donate each visit, which will definitely help me catch up on bills.

Something Good- Day 161

My car insurance comes out of my account tomorrow. Because I had to pay for an appraisal for my refinance and our Airbnb has not made money this month, I was a few dollars short. I posted some items for sale on Facebook, letting people know that I just needed a little bit of cash to make my payments. I was hoping it would make people look twice at my post, but there were a couple people that just gave me money to “pay it forward”. Now, I am not drowning financially, and I could have easily asked my mom for a tiny loan to cover the expense, but I like being independent. Still though, it was a humbling reminder that we are all here to help each other.

I have had the chance to help many over the years. Some people were more difficult to help than others. And in the end, it did not always seem worth it. But it is nice to be kind. It is nice to know that we do not have to do this alone.