Something Good- Day 277-278

Yesterday we stayed up late watching a movie. We were thinking about going to Bear World but decided to go to the thrift store instead to find parts for our Halloween costumes. We were able to find everything we needed and got a couple nice shirts as well.

Today we watched a general conference for our church. I love the call to be better and to grow closer to God. Then we took a nap and played some games to finish the night.

Something Good- Day 268

I have been listening to audio books on my commute for the last week or so. I just finished the second Hunger Games book, Catching Fire. It was so good! Then, we watched the movie tonight. It wasn’t as great as the book, but it was fun to see the differences and have some background into the characters’ thoughts.

Something Good- Day 262-266

I have realized that it doesn’t do me much good to come up with one good thing every day if I don’t actually do it every day, so I’m going to try to be better about posting this every night, even if it is not perfect every time.

But for now, I’ll catch up on the last few days. We have been short staffed at work since Friday. The nice thing about that is my boss has been buying us lunch, so we can have a working lunch instead of our usual hour break. On top of only having two tellers on Friday, our system failed overnight and the transaction program we use was out of service for the first half of the day. The day went surprisingly well though and aside from a couple minor setbacks, we had a pretty smooth day.

Saturday, we got another cat! I told my sister that it was fine as long as he was a garage/ outdoor cat because our indoor cat does not share space well. Then, we spent the day with friends. I bought pizza and dropped my sister off to watch movies while I went to donate plasma.

Meet Albus Collin (in case you can’t tell, my sister is a Harry Potter fan)

We spent a lot of time with the cat on Sunday and had some church time with my sister’s family.

Monday was another busy day at work since our assistant manager had to go home due to possible Covid exposure. I was a bit overwhelmed, but my coworkers are awesome and helped calm me down. We made cookies with the kids Monday night, and I ate quite a few cookies.

Tonight we watched a movie I had rented from Redbox since they gave me a free rental. The kids were looking forward to pumpkin painting/ carving, but we decided to do that tomorrow instead.

Something Good- Day 231-234

I got pizza for dinner on Tuesday. It has been hot lately, so no one has wanted to cook. But I got a good deal on pizza, and we even had leftovers.

I gave a tour of my basement to a young couple on Wednesday. They are getting married in a few months and decided to sign a lease agreement with me! I do not mind doing Airbnb since we make pretty good money from it, but I definitely prefer the consistency of renters.

I went over to my friend’s house yesterday for a visit. We talked and played with her little boy. I always enjoy our visits.

Today we had a movie night and watched the new Dora movie. It was a fun movie and good to relax with the family after an exhausting week at work.

Also, PSA the coin shortage is real. If you have any excess coin, please consider taking it to your bank. We ran out of coin at my branch this week and have had to turn away all our business customers. We are giving the coin away as fast as we get it, and we are not getting our weekly shipments to restock our supply. Thank you in advance from banks everywhere!

Something Good- Day 224-226

It has been a busy couple of days. Tuesday after work, I went grocery shopping with my sister. We rented a couple of movies and watched one that night and the other the next night. I also cleaned the Airbnb Wednesday and finished all my laundry. Today we had a surprise visit from an extended in law family member. He is not someone with whom I am very familiar, but it was nice to feel a little more connected to the world. Work has also been extremely busy the last few days, but we have pulled through and made things work.

Something Good- Day 205-208

Honestly, if I did not already do this for over half a year, I would probably stop. It is just hard to post something every day when my days are so full.

Anyway, Thursday was a pretty good day for me, which was good because it was rough for my sister and a lot of my coworkers. So it helped even things out a bit.

Friday I went after work to donate plasma because I get a bonus for donating eight times this month and did not want to miss that opportunity. We went out to eat afterwards and then rented a movie to watch. I was so tired that I fell asleep in my day clothes as soon as the movie finished.

My mom and grandma came to visit Saturday. We went out to eat and got to spend some time together.

Sunday we had some friends over for lunch. Then, we went for a drive to see the river and some waterfalls nearby. We ended the day with cheesecake to celebrate birthdays that have passed and are coming up soon.

Something Good- Day 183-184

Yesterday was my birthday. I went out to eat with my sister. The food was delicious, and we had a good time. On the way home however, I had a medication reaction and threw up my dinner. Luckily, our basement was empty that night so I was able to clean up right away. A friend came over that night, and I was able to spend some time with her as well.

I took the day off today to allow my stomach to settle more. I watched a couple movies and was able to get most of my laundry done. Then I packed for my trip this weekend. I am looking forward to seeing family for Independence Day.

Something Good- Day 162-163

I saw my best friend yesterday for the first time since quarantines started. We have talked and video chatted, but this was our first time in person. We went for a walk and talked. It was nice to see her again. I am glad I live in a state where the threat is relatively low.

I watched the movie, “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,” today. I really liked the message about choosing how to express our emotions. Sometimes it feels difficult to express my emotions in positive ways, but I appreciated how the movie showed that we can all do little things to become better.

Something Good- Day 129

I picked up our teenage friend after work today. We had homemade cheeseburgers and milkshakes. Then we went through a car wash and got some snacks. We went back to her house and watched a movie together to end the night. I am glad we live in a small town that makes the transition back to normal life much easier than it would be in urban areas.