Something Good- Day 101

We worked on our garden yesterday. We pulled weeds and trimmed trees and bushes. Our neighbors also had someone working on their garden. He gave us pointers about how to take care of raspberries. It was extremely helpful because I don’t have much experience with gardening and our raspberry bushes needed a lot of work. When he was done, he said goodbye and got ready to leave. However, he changed his mind and decided to help us trim and clear out the bushes a bit before leaving. We were both very grateful and it was nice to have someone to talk to for a few minutes.

Something Good- Day 28

Living in Idaho, a lot of my posts are about snow. This season we have almost reached the average snowfall for the year (about 4 ft), and we still have three months left to expect snow. So when your neighbors come help you shovel piles of snow on a regular basis, that’s a pretty good thing.

Something Good- Day 21

We took our neighbors a small loaf of banana bread and a thank you card tonight. They are great neighbors and have helped us with so much. When he answered the door, he was so appreciative that it took me by surprise. I mean, we were there to thank him, but he ended up saying how great we were instead. It made me feel really good inside- both because we did something good and how he reacted to it.

Something Good- Day 11

This is a little late, but better late than never. I was shoveling the sidewalk yesterday after a couple of snowstorms. It was very hard to shovel because the snow had iced over in a few places. A neighbor came by with his snowblower and asked if I wanted help making a path. He cleared the sidewalk in just a couple minutes, when it would have taken me 30 minutes or more. This isn’t the first time my neighbors have helped me clear snow. The sidewalk on the other side of the house was cleared by another neighbor, as well. So I only had to shovel the driveway yesterday because my neighbors were generous enough to shovel both sides of my sidewalk.