What’s Your Favorite Room to Clean?

I work at a place that does work training, teaches English to non-native speakers, and has a variety of tutoring subjects. Anyway, I was walking by one of the offices and I heard a tutor asking what was the person’s favorite room to clean in their house. I have no idea if they were asking the question for work training or English or some other tutoring, but it intrigued me.

It’s not a question you hear every day and not something people normally think about. So I thought about what my answer would be to that question. I guess my favorite room to clean would be the bathroom. Probably mostly because it’s just straightforward. In my room or the kitchen I just don’t know where to start. There’s lots of things to clean, but do I clean the fridge or the stove or the counter first? In the bathroom though, the only big thing is the bathtub so everything else is just downhill from there.

Anyway, I figured it was a pretty interesting question so I decided to post it on here. So, what’s your favorite room to clean in your house?