Something Good- Day 96-97

We went to the grocery store yesterday. It was our first time really going out since we started quarantine. We figured we were not likely to have Covid-19 since we have only had some congestion and fatigue. We did wear masks with filters though as we shopped. I was glad to see a few others wearing masks because it made us feel less awkward. This was the biggest shopping trip we have done since I bought my house, but I felt less anxious than normal because there were not many people and money is not as tight right now. We got enough food to last a couple weeks so we will not have to go out again for a while.

Sunday was a fairly quiet day. We watched our church conference and a couple movies. We painted a few more rocks and read for a bit. It was a relaxed day.

Something Good- Day 94-95

I decided to take the day off yesterday. I slept in, watched shows, and ordered pizza for dinner. It was a needed day of relaxation.

I felt a lot better today and woke up with more energy. I watched conference for my church and painted rocks with my sister in the afternoon. I thought they turned out well!