Something Good- Day 236-240

It has been a while since my last post. I have been spending as much time with family as possible. Sunday I drew Pokemon characters for my nieces and nephew. Then we watched movies and had late night church.

Monday I spent the morning playing outside with the kids. We also played videogames for a while. I picked up my sister that night. We went out for a snack and watched a movie when we got back.

I headed back home Tuesday after a shopping spree at our favorite thrift store. We came away with a bundle of exciting games, books, and movies.

I went back to work yesterday after my short vacation. It was a calmer day, and I was able to catch up on my work. Then, I was able to buy some Pokemon cards for my nephew from someone online.

Today was a busier day at work. I started to get hangry at lunchtime, and I was frustrated that I would not have time to donate plasma during my lunch break. I eventually decided to get Costa Vida, which was delicious and helped me feel better. I came home after work with some treats because I had a couple coupons to use today.

Something Good- Day 224-226

It has been a busy couple of days. Tuesday after work, I went grocery shopping with my sister. We rented a couple of movies and watched one that night and the other the next night. I also cleaned the Airbnb Wednesday and finished all my laundry. Today we had a surprise visit from an extended in law family member. He is not someone with whom I am very familiar, but it was nice to feel a little more connected to the world. Work has also been extremely busy the last few days, but we have pulled through and made things work.

Something Good- Day 191-192

We are not supposed to give out treats at my work for sanitary purposes at the moment, but a little boy came into the branch with his mom and really wanted a lollipop. I figured since it was to protect people from germs, it would be okay if I handed it to the mom without touching it. I used a clean paper towel to pick up the candy by the wrapper and handed it to the mom. Maybe I broke policy for a moment, but I made a child happy. I think sometimes we get so wrapped up in the rules that we forget why they are there. It was nice for things to be somewhat normal for a moment.

Yesterday we went shopping and got an oil change. The oil change was long overdue, and I bought a couple emergency items for my car. It was nice to feel more secure driving, knowing that I can handle an unexpected car issue when it happens. I also got a few other items that I am excited about but will need to sell some things to make up for them.

Something Good- Day 178-180

I had a game night birthday party last night. We went shopping on Friday to pick up snacks and dessert for the party. We had a fun night and played a few different games.

Then, today we were able to go back to church for the first time since Covid-19 was declared a pandemic. We also had some friends over tonight to play games.

Something Good- Day 156-159

Four days worth today… I have been avoiding the internet with all the ignorant comments and acts of violence being posted recently. Sometimes for your mental health, it is best to stay away than try to change someone’s mind.

Thursday I was able to wash all the dishes in the sink. I can keep up with running the dishwasher on a regular basis, but pots, pans, and other hand wash only items can pile up after a while.

Friday we watched a movie and did some necessary shopping.

Saturday I was able to donate plasma and sell some stuff to declutter the house.

Today we had our first meeting as facilitators for a self-reliance program. I am excited to help our group members learn the skills they need to get better jobs.

Something Good- Day 127 & 128

Yesterday we went to Walmart and got a bunch of clearance items. We were able to get a lot of needed household items and some gifts for great prices.

I was able to do some gardening after work today. I cleared the weeds and dead flowers. There is still more to do, but it looked a lot nicer afterwards.

Something Good- Day 125 & 126

I went to the dollar store yesterday to get some necessities. I am always surprised by what I find there. I came out with the couple things I needed and two more bags of snacks and other fun items. I was also able to talk to my friend and her son last night.

Today my sister and I went to visit some friends because they had to put their cat down. We talked for a while and then went with them to get shakes and fries. It was nice to spend time with friends again and help get their mind off the situation for a while.

Something Good- Day 96-97

We went to the grocery store yesterday. It was our first time really going out since we started quarantine. We figured we were not likely to have Covid-19 since we have only had some congestion and fatigue. We did wear masks with filters though as we shopped. I was glad to see a few others wearing masks because it made us feel less awkward. This was the biggest shopping trip we have done since I bought my house, but I felt less anxious than normal because there were not many people and money is not as tight right now. We got enough food to last a couple weeks so we will not have to go out again for a while.

Sunday was a fairly quiet day. We watched our church conference and a couple movies. We painted a few more rocks and read for a bit. It was a relaxed day.

Something Good- Day 72

I got off work early today and went grocery shopping for our meals this weekend. Our usual grocery store was far more crowded than it would normally be, but we got what we needed and left without any interruption to our schedule. A few hours later, someone posted a picture of the same store with checkout lines stretching around the store. We had a relatively quiet day of shopping and eating out before heading home to watch some television. It was a good day, and I am grateful it was not as stressful as it could have been.