Something Good- Day 350-354

Tuesday I helped my sister with her papers. We got most of them done so that she could focus on finals the next day.

Wednesday we were able to watch a movie after my sister finished school for the semester.

Thursday I woke up much earlier than I had planned. I was hungry and awake though, so I ate and donated plasma before work. It was nice to not have to worry about donating during lunch. I was able to relax and eat my lunch peacefully.

Friday was a good day at work. We were able to see our boss, who has been out sick since October. She had her husband bring us gifts and then came through the drive thru to say hello. We celebrated Christmas with some friends after work.

Yesterday we finally went to Costco to get our membership cards. I had done a Groupon a few months ago that almost made the membership free. However, we had not been able to go to the store because we always try to do so much on Saturdays. We learned a lot, and I was excited to get cheap gas again.

Something Good- Day 317

Work was a bit crazy today. Both our managers were out sick, as well as another teller. And it was busier than normal because of the holiday yesterday. Luckily, we had planned a potluck for today, so no one had to leave the branch for lunch. That made it easier to get our lunches in while being short staffed.

Something Good- Day 281

This really does not feel like my story to tell, but my sister has been struggling with pain over the last few days. After the night in the hospital, she was told to manage the pain with medicine and wait for it to get better. Yesterday, she had a friend come over “to help out” but ended up watching movies instead. Our dishes were piling up and needed to be done soon, but she was in no condition to do them. I planned to do the dishes when I got home from work, but another friend came by to bring my sister lunch and helped with our dishes before she left. I cannot express how grateful I am for the people that care for us, check in with us, and express their love and concern. It definitely means a lot, especially when we are struggling.

Something Good- Day 248-249

This has been an eventful day for me. I started my period last night, which always gives me nausea and cramps. I try not to let it slow me down, but sometimes I overdo it. I started to feel terrible while shopping and had to let my sister pay while I went to the car to rest. We stopped at a friend’s house on the way home for a few minutes, and I ended up vomiting in their bathroom. Then, I realized just before writing this that I have been putting the wrong day number on the last few posts. But, it has been a good day overall. We found the last book in a series my sister has been collecting at the thrift store. We brought our friend home to watch movies with us and had dinner and shakes. So, even though I felt terrible, the day turned out to not be so bad.

Yesterday, we spent some time with my sister’s family before they left for the weekend. Then, we watched a movie and picked up a game from someone on Facebook, which I am excited to play soon.

Something Good- Day 99

My sister did at least a mile a day on our elliptical machine last week. I tried to keep up but would get out of breath easily and couldn’t do more than a few minutes at a time. Today I was able to do a mile without any problems! It finally felt like progress towards getting better.

Something Good- Day 92 & 93

I did not want to write my something good post last night. My sister and I have been having symptoms of sickness since Sunday night. Our symptoms have been mild and ambiguous so far. We have had general body aches and fatigue, congestion and headaches, but nothing that would positively tell us if it was allergies or the flu or anything at this point. I just did not want to try to think of something good in my state of exhaustion.

I did wake up feeling somewhat better today, though that did not last long. I have been able to clean the house a bit and do some laundry over the past couple days. Although my body has been tired, I have completed essential chores each day and then watched movies with my sister to relax.

It is difficult to remain in good spirits while feeling unwell. I have been depressed and lethargic. I also have a shorter temper. I miss work and coworkers but am also grateful to know that I have a job to return to when I recover from whatever sickness this may be.

Something Good- Day 49 & 50

I was sick yesterday, so I was not able to finish my something good post for the day. I woke up feeling a lot better this morning and was able to go to work. We were able to go to the grocery store yesterday to get some soup and other things while we are sick. I am grateful to be feeling much better today though.