Something Good- Day 107

We had a game night with our renters today. It is nice to be able to spend time with other people simply because there are more people in our house now. Before social distancing was necessary, I had started doing a connection night to spend time with friends and get to know people better. I was sad that it had to end, but I am grateful to have a little of that back with our renters.

Something Good- Day 105-106

I took my car in to the shop today and got a rental car. My sister has already fallen in love with it and wants me to buy it! I was also able to try Wendy’s maple bacon chicken croissant for breakfast since I had time between dropping off my car and the start of work. It was absolutely delicious! I will definitely be getting it again. After work, my sister and I went for a ride in the rental car and cruised around to neighboring towns.

Yesterday did not seem worth mentioning last night. I went to work, had dinner, and watched a show. It was not a bad day, though somewhat stressful, and nothing really noteworthy happened.

Something Good- Day 104

Today was my first day back at work since I took a couple weeks off. It was nice to be back and see my coworkers again. I was grateful to be able to catch up on all the work I missed while being out. There were a few things that were missed while I was away, but my coworkers took care of everything else for the most part.

Something Good- Day 103

We decided to dress up for church this morning. I have not dressed up for church since they were all closed for social distancing, but I think I might do it more often because it does help get you in the mood for worship. It was nice to study and watch videos about Jesus’s life and resurrection. We were then able to have dinner with our renters and then go out and do some chalk art. We did not stay out long because it was cold, but I finished this one.


Something Good- Day 101

We worked on our garden yesterday. We pulled weeds and trimmed trees and bushes. Our neighbors also had someone working on their garden. He gave us pointers about how to take care of raspberries. It was extremely helpful because I don’t have much experience with gardening and our raspberry bushes needed a lot of work. When he was done, he said goodbye and got ready to leave. However, he changed his mind and decided to help us trim and clear out the bushes a bit before leaving. We were both very grateful and it was nice to have someone to talk to for a few minutes.

Something Good- Day 100

My grandma sent me money for Easter. We bought some Easter candy a few weeks ago and ate it all already. Since I knew my grandma was sending me some Easter money, I was able to buy some more candy and eggs so that we can still have a fun Easter. We also have renters moving in tomorrow that will be here for about a month, so we invited them upstairs for Easter dinner. It will be nice to have a somewhat normal holiday in the midst of these uncomfortable circumstances.

Something Good- Day 99

My sister did at least a mile a day on our elliptical machine last week. I tried to keep up but would get out of breath easily and couldn’t do more than a few minutes at a time. Today I was able to do a mile without any problems! It finally felt like progress towards getting better.

Something Good- Day 98

I was feeling down this morning- just the old demons coming back up. My friend messaged me for a bit and then dropped off some treats for me. It was completely unexpected, but I really appreciated the thought. It is hard to be away from friends at this time, but I am grateful for technology that still allows us to communicate and small acts of kindness that bring us together.

Something Good- Day 92 & 93

I did not want to write my something good post last night. My sister and I have been having symptoms of sickness since Sunday night. Our symptoms have been mild and ambiguous so far. We have had general body aches and fatigue, congestion and headaches, but nothing that would positively tell us if it was allergies or the flu or anything at this point. I just did not want to try to think of something good in my state of exhaustion.

I did wake up feeling somewhat better today, though that did not last long. I have been able to clean the house a bit and do some laundry over the past couple days. Although my body has been tired, I have completed essential chores each day and then watched movies with my sister to relax.

It is difficult to remain in good spirits while feeling unwell. I have been depressed and lethargic. I also have a shorter temper. I miss work and coworkers but am also grateful to know that I have a job to return to when I recover from whatever sickness this may be.