Grateful for Stars

I grew up in southern California. It’s not quite “the city of lights,” but it’s pretty close. I remember lying on our trampoline in the backyard and looking at the stars. The only constellations we could see consistently were Orion and the Big Dipper.

Now that I live in Utah, I feel so grateful to be able to see so many stars every day. Just driving around is like a star gazing excursion. It’s amazing to see so many stars in the sky, and even more amazing when I’m up in the mountains or farther from the big cities.

I think I love stars so much because they are lights in the darkness. Even when you don’t see them, their light is still shining. Some people have said that many of the stars we see have already burnt out, but the light travels so far that we still see it. I love that thought. That’s how I want my light to be. I want the hope and light I have shared to keep shining long after I am gone.

I love that the stars give me that hope. I love that they are lights in the darkness. I love that I have the opportunity to see so many stars right now. And I am so grateful for their light and for the light of the many people in my life who shine like stars in the darkness.