Something Good- Day 366

Welcome to 2021! I have enjoyed writing these blog posts over the past year. They have helped me remember what is important and encouraged me to always look for the good.

I have been burnt out at work lately. It has been hard to go to work every day and stay motivated. I decided to take the next two weeks off from work to take a break from everything. I counted down my drawer after the bank closed and handed over my keys to my coworker. It felt so relieving to know that I do not have to return to work for 18 days. I am looking forward to my time off and hope it will rejuvenate me to return in better spirits. After work, I went to a friend’s house to celebrate the new year. We ate and talked and had fun.

I wish you all the best. Thank you for following me this year. I hope your new year is filled with goodness and that you take the time to see the good in what surrounds you.

Something Good- Day 62

Today was my first day back to work after a week-long vacation. I was not thrilled to return to work or have to set my alarm to wake me up in the morning, but I had a good day at work. Work actually was not too busy, even though it is Monday and the beginning of the month. I did have to resolve a couple issues upon returning, but it was a good day back.

Something Good- Day 59

It is hard to keep up with these posts while I am on vacation because I do not go to bed at a reasonable time. I did finish filing my taxes late last night though. I was also able to take my car to the body shop for an estimate on repairs. This has been a very good week. It has been busier than I thought it would be, but I have had a lot of fun and accomplished things that really needed to be done.

Something Good- Day 52

A few weeks ago, I requested work off for next week with the intention of having another job. I figured that if I got another job, I could start right away or I could simply take a week off if I did not get the job. I had no idea at the time of my request how crucial next week would be. My sister will be coming to visit because it happens to be the same week as her sister-in-law’s wedding. I have a home inspection that needs to be done, and my car will need to be taken in to a body shop for repairs. So, I was very excited to leave work today because of all the things happening next week. Another good thing that happened today was seeing a former coworker at Wendy’s while we ate dinner with a friend. It was good to be able to talk about what is happening and everything going on at work right now.