Grateful for Goodness

I have been struggling today. I watched a show last night that had some teenagers bullying others, and it just broke me. The show was made well and had a good message and everything ended on a good note, but seeing people being mean to someone else was more than I could handle. I haven’t really been okay since then. I am not sure why I am so sensitive to these types of things or why it hits me so hard emotionally, but it takes a long time to get me back to normal after something like this.

It makes me more grateful for all of the goodness in the world though. It makes me grateful for everything that every person everywhere does to try to help someone else. Today is Veteran’s Day in America and I am grateful for the people that have served and are serving our country in the armed forces. There are so many people that sacrifice so much for others. From people in the military to teachers to nurses to parents, and so many more, there are many people in the world working to make this a better place.

On a day like today when I am drowning because of all the bad in the world, I am so grateful that there is so much good to focus on instead. Maybe there will always be bad things that happen. No one is perfect, and there will probably always be people who hurt others intentionally. But there are many more people who are trying to help others. There are many more people who are trying to generate goodness. It may not make everything better, but on a day like today, I can be grateful for the good in the world.


Meant For Greatness

I have recently come to the realization that I am not meant for greatness. That may sound depressing, but it’s actually pretty awesome. Some people are meant to move mountains, start movements, initiate revolutions, and affect the lives of thousands or even millions.┬áThen, there are people like me who are just sent for the one.

I will probably not influence thousands of people. I will probably not be read about in history books or seen on tv or talked about in news articles. But… I will be remembered. I will be remembered by the ones I chose to make a difference in their lives. That’s a pretty amazing thing, and the best part is it takes nothing more than just being me.

I keep trying to be more, to be better, and it’s good to want that, but it’s also nice to realize that I am enough. I am enough to help someone right now. I am enough to make someone’s life better right now. I may not change the world, but I can change someone else’s life and maybe that will change the world.