About Me

My name is Julia. I am a single young adult. I was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome when I was about 12 years old. At the time I didn’t know what it was, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve learned a lot more about Asperger’s and other disorders on the autism spectrum. I graduated from UC San Diego in March 2012 with a BS in Psychology and a minor in Theater. I also worked in an autism lab at UCSD for about 6 months.

Most psychologists would probably say that I was either misdiagnosed or that I have been cured. I’ll let you decide if either of those are really true and what a cure really means to you.

I hope you enjoy my blog and learn as much from reading it as I have from writing it.

62 thoughts on “About Me

      • Lisa Little Art says:

        Do you have an email? I’m looking for a friend to talk to. I didn’t know I was autistic and I have a deep pain of not being able to express myself to people. I didn’t know how so I drew and painted, but I was also traumatized very badly by being taken and bad things happened to me my whole family didn’t know about. I want to tell people, but I’m scared. I don’t know how to for one. I have the movie reels in my head. And there’s a lot of things I need to tell people about the government and underground sex trafficking. They drugged me, but because of my autism I was able to remember and when I see pictures of places they took me more comes flashing back. God told me I’m supposed to tell the world. There’s a lot God told me to do. I don’t know where to go first. I have been looking into business because I was told that if I make a lot of money people will listen, but I want people to listen now. I’m suffering. I’ve been thinking about making a website and a character to feel more safe telling people without worrying about people coming after me or judging me and calling me a lie. What if they ask for me to prove? I can only tell them what I know. God told me to help the world. I have to help them see love. Fear is eating the world only because people allow it. But we can have world peace and love like everyone wishes. God is in me. I have been to heaven. I know who I am. I know that I’m an angel. I was confused because I was looking into starseeds and all my children have autism. I knew I was a starseed, but refused the label autism. People see you as another person or not even really like a person. Like we are strange and interesting to them or they judge. But God told me we angels. Many are confused. I’m going off thought again, but I wonder if you have more experience communicating. I really help. Once I have the right information on how to easily express myself, maybe I will do better. I”m great at writing I think lol and painting, drawing…. I can talk, and am actually pretty well spoken, but my thoughts break up because I have trouble speaking in a linear line when my thoughts are pictures and images and sometimes seen in like a 3d modeling way with layers upon layers. I tried visualizing the words I’m speaking floating in the air, but then it’s too distracting because then I’m not looking at the person’s face. And then their face throws me off or they make a noise or inturupt because they don’t know you’re not done yet. sigh….


    • Thanks! I have done the one lovely blog award before, but I appreciate the nomination.
      To be honest, I’m pretty terrible at accepting blog awards because I just don’t read blogs enough to know who to nominate. I wish I had more time to check out blogs, but with school and work, I feel like I’m barely staying afloat. I just post because it’s one of the few ways I have to stay sane. 🙂

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